Paint partners guide others in their painting by numbers and self care journey.

The partners:

  • are kind souls
  • spread the word of how painting by numbers is a great way to pause and take part in self-care
  • get support as part of the paint partner community
Thinking you could tick the boxes? If you like what you’re reading, please keep reading…


What we’re doing

Our mission is to pause!!  We want people to slow down and embrace painting by numbers so they can be more present and mindful in their precious lives!

Do you often feel like you can’t slow down or you just don’t really know how to?

Would like to be part of the pause?

You just are someone who loves to try something different?

Then, we want to hear from you!


Our paint partner program is built to provide support, build awareness around wellbeing and self care. 

Become a paint partner with us if:

✔︎ You have tried and loved the paint by numbers experience

✔︎ You’re wanting a fun and different passion project or side hustle which improves wellbeing

✔︎ the thought of some side hustle income interests you just a little – think about the feeling of paying for your next weekend away being paid for by your paint partner cash….

✔︎ You are passionate about how precious life is, mental wellbeing and self care


What’s in it for you?

Generous product discounts – never pay full price for a DIY Paining Shop product again

No sales, targets or minimum spends in sight

Pocket some cash when you host or run a paint gathering

Unlimited access to our paint partner community

Insider access for sales and new product launches

Plenty of opportunity to learn and grow as a human

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